Vitiligo (leucoderma) and other skin diseases that cause white patches on the skin, are often difficult to treat with medicine alone. At our clinic, we have various modalities of treatment which are very effective.


Phototherapy is of the standard therapies for vitiligo, psoriasis and certain eczemas, and is widely employed all over the world. The basic principle involves an initial administration of psoralin followed by exposure to UVA rays. A combination of phototherapy and surgical procedures is done in resistant areas such as lips, finger tips and tones, for complete repigmentation.

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Daavlin Lumera Targetted Phototherapy

Narrow Bank UVB has proven to be the most effective phototherapy treatment option for thousands of psoriasis patients all over the world. With more research being done every day on conditions such as eczema, vitiligo, and mycosis fungoides. Narrow Band UVB continues to show its versatility with its promising results.

Surgical Repigmentation

Surgical methods of regimentation are important options. It is a minor procedure and patients can leave home as soon as the procedure is over. The best cure for vitiligo, we do it excellently.

Melanocyte Transplation

This is the most advanced treatment available for vitiligo and is preferred when the leucoderma patches are large. With this procedure, smaller donor skin, approximately 1/10 the size of the leucoderma patch is sufficient to cover the large patch.

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