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  • Revathy Ashok
    The results after visiting Skin Care Speciality Center is absolutely phenomenal. At Skin Care Speciality Center, I got the results that I have been looking for, for a very long time. Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Nair for the amazing treatment and Skin Care Speciality Clinic is the only place I can trust regarding my skin.
    Revathy Ashok
  • Aswathy Ambili
    Dr. Rajesh is an excellent and wonderful doctor in his respective field.I went to him for my hair reduction treatment and its been 1 year since I am taking his treatment and I have got rid of all the unwanted hairs in face and my skin has become so glowing. I would recommend Dr. Rajesh and his Skin Care Speciality Centre to all my family and friends.The words that come to my mind when I look back– "inspirational, peaceful, caring, positive, professional, encouraging and friendly.”
    Aswathy Ambili

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